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Transparent pricing you can trust

Our pricing is transparent, all-inclusive and competitive.

Our approach to pricing

Too often in fertility treatment, a certain price is shown first, and then unexpected costs come up along the way. We’re committed to transparency and our prices are all-inclusive. No surprises.

What does all-inclusive actually mean?

All-inclusive pricing for IVF treatment means that the quoted price covers everything you need, including medication, monitoring, procedures, and any other necessary services.

You won't get any surprises or hidden costs later on. With other clinics, you may not include certain expenses upfront, so you could end up paying more than you expected. With Apricity, what you see is what you pay.

Popular fertility tests

Diagnostic fertility test packages to help you uncover any potential roadblocks on your journey to starting a family. All tests include a follow up doctor consultation to review the results.

Diagnostic package

Female Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test

Female + Male Fertility Test

Female + Female Fertility Test

Male + Male Fertility Test

Trans Man Fertility Test

Trans Woman Fertility Test









Popular IVF packages

Outstanding support and the latest technology to give you the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy.



IVF Multicycle (under 38 years)

IVF Multicycle (over 38 years)


Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)









Popular fertility preservation packages

Freezing your eggs or sperm can help you take control of your reproductive future.


Egg Freezing

Includes 1 year free storage worth £360

Egg Freezing 2 cycles

Includes 1 year free storage worth £360

Egg Freezing 3 cycles

Includes 1 year free storage worth £360

Sperm Freezing

Embryo Freezing







Popular egg donation packages

We have a range of egg donation packages, that include our signature egg donor search and match service, and everything you need to create embryos for an egg donation cycle. (Excludes donor compensation)


Guaranteed 8 Egg Package

1:1 Fresh Egg Donation

Surrogacy 12 Egg Embryo Creation

Surrogacy 8 Egg Embryo Creation






Additional services

Explore our additional services, which you can add to enhance your package upfront or any stage of your treatment.


Blood Tests

At home with a nurse




Per session (Avg. 6 per cycle)


Per session (Avg. 6 per cycle)

Egg, Sperm & Embryo Storage

Per year, additional storage







Can't find what you're looking for?

We offer a wide range of services to cover every type of fertility treatment

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Pay monthly, only if you have a baby.

A fraction of the cost if you don't.

Why choose Apricity

Fertility treatment that works to make your life easier, not harder.

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    At-home services & appointments
    Speak to a doctor and take a fertility test in the comfort and privacy of your home
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    All-inclusive packages
    Transparent packages that include everything. No hidden costs.
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    Next-generation clinic
    Our clinic pairs fertility experts with cutting edge technology.

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