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Payment plans

Our partnership with Gaia Family offers the only IVF insurance plan with affordable instalments for fertility treatment.

Pay monthly, only if you have a baby.

And only the fraction of the cost if you don't. Fertility treatment, but without the financial unknowns.

How it works

Steps to a finance plan with Gaia:

Fertility tests and doctor consultation
Your advisor will book your diagnostic tests for you, and you'll review results with a doctor who'll design a personalised treatment plan.
Your personalised plan
Start the IVF process prepared. Gaia use data from over 1 million previous treatments to help you understand your chances and how many rounds you may need.
Gaia covers your full fertility treatment costs
Pay a premium up front. Pay nothing more if you don't have a child. If your treatment is successful and you have a child, you'll pay back treatment costs in monthly instalments.
Medication and essential treatments are covered by your Gaia Plan. Plus, get complimentary counselling sessions, access to an embryologist and a dedicated support team.

What's included in the payment plan?

IVF, ICSI, frozen embryo transfers, egg, and sperm donation are available under Gaia Plans The full cost of your treatment, including your medication In-cycle monitoring – bloods and scans Follow-up consultation post each new cycle HFEA fee, blastocyst culture, embryo freezing and one year’s storage

What's not included?

Initial consultations, planning consultations, pre-screening tests, post-embryo transfer blood work and Covid-19 testing are not covered by Gaia Plans.

What treatments are covered?

Gaia covers IVF, IVF + ICSI, Frozen Embryo Transfers, Shared Motherhood, Egg Donation and Sperm Donation.

What is included in their coverage?

Gaia will cover the full cost of your fertility treatment at Apricity, including all medication and essential treatments. No hidden costs.

How many rounds are covered?

They will measure what is the optimal number of rounds for you to conceive by comparing it with millions of past IVF treatment data. You can always add more rounds to your Gaia Plan, but Gaia caps their coverage at a total of 6 rounds.

Will it be more expensive than paying upfront?

Yes, slightly, because the initial fee is separate from your treatment cost, and covers you in case you are not successful (i.e. that is all you would pay).

How does their insurance work?

If you do not have a baby by the end of your fertility treatment pathway, you will not have to pay for your treatment. You will have only paid the initial fees for each round you do.

How do I repay if I have a live birth?

Gaia offers financial loans through monthly payment plans, only when you have a baby. They provide flexible financing options so you can choose the period and monthly amount that suits you with a fixed interest rate.

Can I pay part of it upfront or early?

Yes. You can pay as much as you would like upfront, and Gaia will subsequently reduce your monthly payments. No repayment fees.

What's the eligibility criteria?

Gaia offers personalised insurance and financing plans subject to fair and standard affordability and credit checks and your chances of a successful live birth.

How does it compare with other insurance options?

Gaia's plans include all costs necessary to your fertility treatment, even your medication. Additionally, if you have a live birth, you only have to pay for the rounds of IVF you went through, regardless of your treatment pathway.

Rather pay upfront?

Explore our transparent, all-inclusive pricing.

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