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Care in the comfort of your home

Apricity's digital and at-home services save you time and hassle. 

Support where you need it

Whether you live far from a clinic, or are simply busy with life, being able to do as much of your fertility treatment at home can make all the difference.

At-home services and appointments

If you're wondering what's so different about our digital services, quite simply you will have fewer visits to a clinic, without compromising on any patient care.

At a traditional clinic, a patient will often have to travel to their clinic up to ten times per treatment cycle. At Apricity, we work to fit around your life, making your fertility care convenient and easy, with most patients only needing to visit the clinic 1 to 3 times.

You'll be cared for by a world-class medical team, through virtual consultations with our doctors, nurses and counsellors, all in the privacy and comfort of your home.

How does at-home fertility testing work?

As a virtual fertility clinic, we organise as much of your investigations and treatment at home.

Tests delivered directly to your door
We'll send you a clinical-grade diagnostic kit straight to your home.
Take the tests in the privacy & comfort of your home
Semen analysis and simple finger prick blood test done at home when you feel most relaxed. You return your sample by mail to our lab.
Ultrasound scans at home or close by
For patients within the M25 we offer at-home scanning where possible, and offer all patients scans close to home with our broad network of scan providers
Virtual consultation with a specialist
You'll discuss your results with a fertility doctor who'll recommend next steps.

Your treatment plan, at your finger tips

The Apricity mobile app provides instant access to your medical team seven days a week through extended hours. You can chat to your advisor at any time through the app’s instant chat, ask questions, browse the guidance and fertility resource hub and track your progress.

Throughout your fertility treatment at home you’ll be supported by a world-class medical team including your dedicated fertility advisor, fertility nurse, fertility counsellors and specialist doctors.

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