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Inclusive Fertility for Transgender and Non-Binary People

Inclusive options and support for preserving your fertility before or during transition.

Fertility treatment for transgender and non-binary individuals

For many, starting hormone replacement therapy or surgery as quickly as possible is the priority when experiencing gender dysphoria. However gender reassignment surgery and hormone medication can affect your fertility, and freezing your genetic material (eggs, sperm or creating embryos) can give you the option of having biological children later. This may not be top of mind right now, however you may feel differently in the future. Talking to one of our fertility advisors or nurses can help you understand your options and make an informed decision about your fertility and your future.

How does transitioning affect fertility?

If you are taking hormone replacement therapy (either oestrogen or testosterone) to transition, this can suppress your fertility over time, eventually affecting it permanently. Gender reassignment surgery to reconstruct your genitals could also mean you won’t be able to have children biologically and may need intervention or the help of a surrogate. This might include salpingo-oophorectomy (surgery to remove the fallopian tubes and ovaries), hysterectomy (removal of the womb), orchidectomy (removal of the testes) and penectomy (removal of the penis).

What fertility treatments are available?

There are a number of fertility treatments for transgender people.

Fertility preservation such as egg or sperm freezing, allows you to store your genetic material before undergoing a medical transition. And for when you are ready to have a family, egg donation and IVF treatments are available.

Single transgender men and women may need a sperm or egg donor for an IVF cycle to help them have a child, while a trans couple may choose to use frozen gametes in an IVF cycle, sometimes with a surrogate if both have undergone a medical transition.

What fertility tests are available?

Ahead of any fertility preservation or treatment, a full assessment to check your sperm or egg quality will ensure that the genetic material you freeze gives you a good chance of having children in the future.

At Apricity we offer at-home diagnostics, including blood tests and semen analysis from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

All of our fertility tests include a virtual consultation with a doctor to discuss the results, answer your questions and plan the next steps.

Own your future with cryopreservation

Preserving your fertility now can give you the option to have a family in the future. When the time is right for you.

transgender fertility

Egg freezing

During an egg freezing cycle, a transgender man or non-binary person will take fertility drugs to stimulate their ovaries into producing multiple eggs. When ready, the eggs are collected during a short procedure and frozen for the future. Depending on how many eggs are collected, or how many children they wish to have in the future, it may be advisable to undergo more than one egg freezing cycle.

Sperm freezing

In a sperm freezing cycle, a transgender woman or non-binary person provides one (or several) sperm samples, which are stored and frozen for later use. If they are unable to produce a sample for psychological reasons, surgical sperm retrieval may be an option. In the procedure, sperm is collected directly from the testicles.

Embryo freezing

In an embryo freezing cycle, either transgender male or non-binary person or a sperm donor undergoes the first part of an IVF cycle, up to egg collection. After eggs are mixed with sperm and fertilisation occurs in vitro, resulting embryos are stored for future use.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

We offer Frozen Embryo Transfers for anyone with stored embryos. In this procedure, the womb is prepared for implantation and embryos are thawed and transferred for implantation.

You may also be a non-binary person,  transgender man or woman wishing to use your already frozen eggs, sperm or embryos.  We offer thawing, embryology and FET (frozen embryo transfers) to those ready for a pregnancy. We are unable to treat surrogates, but can facilitate this within our partner clinics and through our partnership with My Surrogacy Journey. 

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Apricity have been superb in my egg freezing journey. All the people I've spoken to have been so helpful and knowledgable. Using the chat functionality in the app, it feels like I'm speaking with friends.


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Apricity has been great! The staff are kind, and I really appreciated having a dedicated advisor and dedicated nurse. Being able to contact the same person when you have questions makes a world of difference.



Our experience has been excellent. The team are friendly, responsive and provide clear advice. The app is so user friendly, and we can contact Sarah our adviser who has been incredibly supportive every step of the way.


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