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IVF with donor eggs. All you need to know.

We have many years experience helping individuals and couples create families through egg donation. With excellent success rates and exceptional support.

What is IVF with donor eggs?

IVF with donor eggs is when a woman or individual undergoes an IVF cycle using the eggs from another woman, known as an egg donor. This can either be done as a fresh or frozen embryo transfer.

Undergoing many many rounds of IVF can be financially, mentally and emotionally exhausting, and coming to the decision to use donor eggs can be a difficult and painful one. At Apricity we understand this journey, and our egg donation specialists have been trained to provide exceptional bespoke support.

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All you need to know about IVF with donor eggs

There are many different reasons why an individual or couple may need the help of an egg donor to conceive or have a baby.

In the UK, altruistic women can donate their eggs at a clinic or egg bank, these eggs are then used to create embryos that can either be used in a fresh IVF transfer or frozen for future use. Egg banks also store frozen eggs that can be used for different couples or individuals in the future.

Who is IVF treatment with donor eggs for?

Women or individuals who have been through early menopause or experienced premature ovarian failure
Women or individuals who have have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy that has affected their fertility
Same-sex male or transgender individuals who need an egg donor and a surrogate to have a child.
Women or individuals who have been through multiple IVF cycles and been unable to conceive or have been told they are unlikely to conceive with their own eggs
Genetic medical history where there is a risk of passing on genetic or hereditary conditions

Common questions about donor egg IVF

How does treatment with donor eggs work? 

At Apricity we recruit and match recipients and intended parents with altruistic egg donors. We take great care in matching a donor, taking into consideration the criteria of the recipient. Our egg donation specialists work to find a donor that suits you best. 

The donor will undergo medication protocols to stimulate the ovaries eventually undergoing an egg collection. 

With our 1:1 donation, all of the eggs collected will be for one recipient, and on the same day that the donors eggs are collected, embryos are created with the intended parent or donor sperm and transferred in an IVF cycle. The remaining embryos are frozen to be used at a later date in a frozen embryo transfer cycle. You can know more about our 1:1 donation treatment in this link. (link to our 1:1 treatment page)

How do we find egg donors?

We have specialised in finding and matching altruistic egg donors with recipients for many years. We recruit donors from all ethnicities, and from all over the UK.

Our specialist team takes great care in getting to know our wonderful recipients, and our donors, providing detailed information about the donor including a photograph of them up to the age of 6 and a profile written in their own words.

All of our egg donors undergo initial profiling, screening and medical checks fully regulated by UK law.

How long does it take to find an egg donor?

With no waiting lists, we work on finding the right donor for the right recipient. Due to our active recruitment programme we generally can find an egg donor in a matter of weeks or few months, unlike the long waiting lists at many clinics.

In certain circumstances when searching for an egg donor from a specific ethnic background or heritage it may take slightly longer.

There are certain factors that can impact how long it takes, such as how strict your criteria is, where she lives in the UK and the donor's own personal circumstances. Our approach is to support both the donor and the recipient throughout to ensure we get it right, for you, and most importantly for any child you may have.

What are the success rates for IVF treatment with donor eggs?

The success rates for IVF with donor eggs increases as women age, in comparison with IVF with own eggs.
As women age, the quality of eggs declines, and it can be harder to conceive. Using healthy donor eggs from a younger woman can improve the success rates for older women.
According to data released in 2018 by the HFEA, for women over 40 years old, the chances of a live birth more than doubles when using an egg donor. And when the woman is over 43, the chances of IVF success are 7 times higher with donor eggs than own eggs.
Women or individuals who have been through multiple IVF cycles and been unable to conceive or have been told they are unlikely to conceive with their own eggs
At Apricity, we have an 86% clinical pregnancy success rate using donor eggs (defined as up to three embryo transfers from one cohort of donor eggs).

Why choose Apricity?

At Apricity we are committed to providing a supportive environment for both our donors and recipients, as well as truly personalised and bespoke care throughout your journey.

We understand that the decision to use donor eggs can be a difficult one, and that once you have made this decision, time is often of the essence.

We have excellent success rates for IVF with donor eggs, and take pride in finding the right donor for each recipient.

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This was a very difficult decision to make but the service and advice we received from Gurjinder was amazing and she was so kind and helpful and understood how I was feeling and answered all my questions.


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The experience was as positive as it could have been due to their support. I wish there was an Apricity for all areas of medicine. Thanks again, brilliant team!


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Inclusive and cost-effective packages

Our egg donation packages are all-inclusive, with no hidden surprises along the way. They include everything you will need to find an egg donor, create embryos and undergo an IVF cycle. Depending on which package you choose, the cost will vary. However all medication, consultations, and donor compensation is included so you only ever pay one price.

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