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Less stress, more success

Fertility benefits for employees. Support and retain your people with the world’s first virtual fertility clinic

Why offer a fertility benefit with Apricity?

Infertility is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disease which impacts 1 in 6 people

Support your team: Create an open culture and demonstrate that your company is there to support your people and their families throughout the fertility process, so they don’t have to go it alone.

Fertility impacts everyone, 30% of infertility is male factor and 30% is female. 7% of the population identifies as LGBTQIA+, of which 100% require fertility or adoption services to start a family

Demonstrate inclusivity: show your community that you understand and support them, offering a benefit that enables everyone to start a family, including single parents & same sex couples and the trans community. can we delete this please

50% find IVF more stressful than the bereavement of a close loved one, fertility treatment is demanding and can have an immense impact of an individual's personal and professional life

Reduce stress: fertility treatment is overwhelming, with people having to navigate cost, uncertainty and often shame. A fertility benefit can help make the process easier and show your people you care.

68% of millennial graduates are willing to change jobs for enhanced fertility benefits

Retain your people and attract new talent, become an employer of choice. Show that you support employees as people, not just workers and that you are there for them in the long-term, during maternity and paternity leave and when they return to work. 

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Support your employees at their critical life-stage

How Organisations Can Support Employees

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Emotional Support

Create an open, inclusive workplace. Providing education, contact points  & fertility support for all. 

With Apricity, employees will have access to: 

Confidential, no cost fertility nurse 1:1 consultations for all employees 

Comprehensive employee education and support including webinars, newsletters, onsite fertility nurse visits 

Industry-leading clinical team, dedicated care advisor 7 days a week and  emotional support with counseling  

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Physical Support

Providing access to fertility experts and transformative, best in class fertility treatment. 

With Apricity: 

56% success rates in comparison with 37% UK average 

End-to-end patient management: one contact point from education through to treatment 

At Home Care - reducing in person appointments to 2 from 10 

Treatment plan through bespoke mobile app including medication reminders & appointment view 

Financial Support

Providing financial cover for fertility treatments via PMI or a funded fertility benefit

With Apricity, 

All inclusive packages with no hidden costs 

Lower cost due to higher success rates 

Pay by use model - no implementation or subscription fee 

Integration with PMI, healthcare trusts or can be a standalone benefit 

Introduction to Apricity - reimagining the future of fertility care

IVF has been around for more than 40 years, but the way care is delivered hasn’t really changed. At Apricity we use the latest advances in technology and AI to maximise your chances of success, while putting you at the centre of your treatment. 

Apricity was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Caroline Noublanche and fertility expert Andrew Berkley. Together they shared a vision where technology could be used to reimagine the way we delivery fertility treatment, making it personal, accessible, supported and empowering. In fact the word Apricity comes from old English, meaning the feeling of the warmth of the sun in the depth of winter. When Caroline founded Apricity, it was this feeling of hope and light she wanted to create.

We know from research and listening to the stories of our patients that un-dergoing treatment can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. We are your sun in the depth of your winter, offering warmth, reassurance, and hope.

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    Virtual Clinic Model
    Digital and at-home services to save you time and hassle.
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    Transparent pricing
    All-inclusive packages that include everything. No hidden costs.
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    7/7 fertility support
    Dedicated fertility advisors available every day of the week
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    Apricity companion app
    Visualise and track your treatment plan, access to your medical team through the instant chat
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    Excellent success rates
    Above the national average for both own and donor eggs
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    Egg donation expertise
    Exclusive 1:1 donor search and match service
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