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Donating your eggs helps build families!

Egg Donation - Do something amazing

1 in 6 UK couples face fertility challenges and struggle to have a baby, and every year thousands of women and couples discover that they will never become parents through using their own eggs. Donating your eggs is a truly selflessly generous act, enabling another to become a parent.

At Altrui we have been matching kind and generous egg donors with women and couples for many years and are the UK’s leaders in egg donation. It is safe, supported and straightforward.

If you want to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch, we're here to help

If you're interested in donating your eggs, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with one of our egg donation specialists.

The benefits of donating your eggs – why become an egg donor?

£750 compensation

This compensation is set by the HFEA to ensure donors are not out of pocket and can be used towards expenses like transport or childcare.

Free Fertility Assessment

You will undergo medical screening to become a donor and receive a full fertility assessment for free. This gives you a detailed picture of your fertility status, and valuable insight into your health if you want to plan a family of your own.

From the comfort of your home

Through the Apricity virtual pathways, you will do your tests at home and only need to travel to a clinic a handful of times avoiding any unnecessary travel. avoiding unnecessary travel.

Straightforward and supported

You will be supported throughout the process by our exceptional care team through the Apricity app 7 days a week, as well as free implications counselling with one of our accredited counsellors.

Make a real difference

Egg donation in the UK is altruistic - when you donate eggs you'll truly change another woman's life. That feeling is priceless and cannot be bought!

How does egg donation help?

Some women are born without ovaries or that haven’t developed properly, while others have been damaged by cancer treatment

Some women can produce eggs but they are low quality or at risk of carrying serious genetic conditions

1 in 100 women under 40 experience premature menopause

For some, after years of trying, cannot fall pregnant with their own eggs and for no medical reason

Gay couples who have a baby through a surrogate rely on the kindness of donor eggs to start their family

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Why Apricity?

Put simply, it's fertility treatment that works to make your life easier, not harder.

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    Speak to a doctor and take a fertility test in the comfort and privacy of your home.
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    Transparent packages that include everything you need, including medication. No hidden costs.
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    We bring together fertility experts, world-leading research and cutting edge technology.

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