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Start your family with egg donation

Find your perfect egg donor - The Altrui Egg Donation Programme

We specialise in helping people like you become parents through egg donation.

Our expertise translates into an 88% pregnancy success rate*, giving you truly excellent chances to build your family.

With us, egg donation is simple, straightforward, and supported.

From finding your perfect egg donor to managing clinical treatment, our world-class teams will be there to support and streamline every step of your journey.

Book a free call with an advisor

Choose a time that suits you and book in a free call with one of our egg donation specialist advisors.

Webinar: Choosing an egg donor

Choosing an egg donor can feel like the biggest decision you'll make.

How do you know you're choosing the right one?

What kind of screening or profiling do donors undergo?

What are the regulations around anonymity?

What information will you receive about your donor?

We'll cover all of the above and more, plus a live Q&A so you can ask us all about our egg donors, and understand the egg donation process.

*88% pregnancy success rate for IVF with donor eggs

No waiting list - we'll find an egg donor for you in weeks not years
Cost-effective way to grow your family with genetically related siblings

Apricity Fertility is your dedicated resource for information on getting an egg donor in the UK. Explore our services and take the first step towards parenthood today.

Our Egg Donation Packages

Our Altrui Programme offers three cost-effective packages, designed to help you create the best chance of having a family through egg donation.

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    Guaranteed 8 Fresh Egg Donation Package

    Includes our signature donor search and match service, and all the clinical treatment you need to create, transfer and freeze any surplus embryos. You'll be guaranteed 8 donor eggs for a fresh IVF cycle.

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    1:1 Fresh Egg Donation

    Includes our signature donor search and match service, plus clinical treatment to create, transfer and freeze surplus embyros. With this package you will receive all of a donor's eggs to use within a fresh IVF cycle.

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    Spain Egg Donation Package

    You'll travel to Spain for everything you need for an egg donation treatment cycle, including donor eggs and all clinical treatment, with Apricity Spain's partner clinic.

Fertility treatment can be stressful enough without financial worries on top, that's why these packages are all-inclusive with no hidden costs.

Why choose egg donation with Apricity?

Put simply, it's fertility treatment that makes your life easier. Our virtual clinic offers convenience without compromising on care.

All-inclusive pricing means no hidden surprises

That's right. The price you see with Apricity is the one you'll pay. This means that the quoted price covers everything, including medication, monitoring, procedures, and any other necessary services.

You won't get any surprises or hidden costs later on. With other clinics, you may not include certain expenses upfront, so you could end up paying more than you expected.

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    At-home services & appointments
    Speak to a doctor and take a fertility test in the comfort and privacy of your home.
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    All-inclusive packages
    Transparent packages that include everything you need, including medication. No hidden costs.
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    Next-generation clinic
    We bring together fertility experts, world-leading research and cutting edge technology.

Age is no obstacle when it comes to parenthood, and Apricity Fertility's egg donation program is tailored to empower individuals over 40 with the gift of family.

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