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Apricity in Tech London: the Founders Normalising Women's Health

We were thrilled to see Apricity's CEO, Caroline Noublanche, appear in Tech London's feature on the start ups normalising women's health.

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Alongside HANX's Sarah Welsh and Emjoy's Andrea Oliver Garcia, the article explores what the femtech (a term only coined in 2016) industry looks like today. Read about what's in store for digital women's health, alongside Caroline's career journey and passion for transforming the tech industry.

“Due to the increased demand in personal and curated experiences, as well as the need to optimise interactions with healthcare providers, we’ve seen a new rise of technologies focused on providing truly individual one to one care,” Caroline shares in the feature.

Thank you to Tech London for chatting to Caroline about our story. We couldn't be prouder of our mission to revolutionise fertility treatment, making it more personal, convenient and advanced. Read the full article here.

Written by Apricity Team

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