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Navigating egg freezing in your 20s

At just 16 years old, N faced a health scare that would shape her reproductive journey in unexpected ways.

Written by Apricity Team

At just 16 years old, N faced a health scare that would shape her reproductive journey in unexpected ways. A sudden ovarian torsion due to an undiagnosed cyst led to the loss of her left ovary, setting the stage for a series of medical challenges ahead. But amidst the uncertainties, N was determined to take back control of her future, and her recent experience with egg freezing at Apricity has left her wanting to share her story to reassure other women thinking about it. 

Reflecting on her past, N recalls the whirlwind of gynecology appointments and an unforeseen second operation that turned into appendicitis. With a diagnosis of multiple cysts on her remaining ovary, N found herself at a crossroads. The prospect of relying solely on the NHS for future fertility treatments wasn’t an option until she was actively trying for a baby, prompting her to explore alternative options.

Egg freezing on the NHS or private? 

Although she was eligible for an NHS IVF cycle, N knew that her current life stage—studying for her Masters—didn’t align with immediate plans to start a family! Determined to take control of her reproductive future, she found Apricity, and felt reassured after reading testimonials about egg freezing that she read online.

From the outset, N says she was met with warmth and support. Despite the heightened risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) due to her age and follicle count, Apricity’s care team provided comprehensive guidance and closely monitored her progress. Flexibility was key during her studies, as N’s scheduled egg collection in Manchester was seamlessly shifted to one of Apricity’s partner clinics in London, where she was treated with both professionalism and compassion.

Support during her egg freezing journey

N says that the support she received from the advisors during evenings and weekends made all the difference to her treatment, with nurses like Sophie going above and beyond to alleviate any worries and provide much-needed reassurance. Through the Apricity mobile app’s user-friendly instant chat and timely reminders, N felt empowered to stay on top of her treatment plan, accessing vital information and reports with ease.

Looking back on her egg freezing experience, N says she feels really grateful and optimistic about her future. What initially seemed daunting—a regimen of hormone treatments—proved to be manageable, with minimal disruption to her daily life. She feels that the peace of mind she gained from preserving her fertility far outweighed any initial reservation she had, and wholeheartedly recommends considering egg freezing to others in similar positions. 

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