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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with My Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy can be extremely difficult to navigate. That’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with an expert, compassionate team that works so hard to take confusion out of the process.

Written by Apricity Team
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    About My Surrogacy Journey

    My Surrogacy Journey offers exceptional, professional, practical and emotional support for everyone on a journey through surrogacy in the UK, US & Canada.

    It was founded by Michael & Wes Johnson Ellis, who are Dads to their two children born via UK independent Surrogacy. Michael and Wes are also no stranger to campaigning for change, in relation to the Surrogacy Law Reform in the UK, Government policy related to surrogates and intended parents and also educating Healthcare professionals in relation to UK Surrogacy. They also understand that there is a growing need for Surrogacy support globally, with surrogacy births growing year on year in the UK, and parental orders of those children born abroad also reflecting similar increases.

    Through greater professional, practical, and emotional support, with individualised membership and greater options to create a family, they have built something different, something like no other organisation has done before.

    The partnership

    Through our partnership, we’re proud to offer My Surrogacy Journey 's members donor and fertility care so important to their surrogacy journey. 

    Egg Donor Match, Screen & Embryology Package

    Our Egg Donor Match, Screen & Embryology Package combines our expertise in egg donation with our excellence in fertility to meet the needs of intended parents on the surrogacy pathway. Within this service, we:

    • Find the perfect egg donor according to the Intended Parent's needs and preferences 

    • Perform strict medical screening and legal requirements, such as blood tests and implications counselling

    • Accompany the egg donor through an egg donation cycle. When her eggs are collected, they will all go to the Intended Parents, giving an excellent chance at pregnancy and an opportunity for genetically-related siblings

    • Perform the steps necessary for embryology, from receiving and washing a sperm sample to culturing the eggs and sperm into embryos, ready for transfer to the surrogate

    Egg Donor Match & Screen Package

    For those not ready for embryology yet, we also offer a service where we find the perfect egg donor and complete all initial medical screening needed to be accepted as a donor (Egg Donor Match & Screen Package). 

    These plans do not include treatment, medication, and embryo transfer for the surrogate. This can be facilitated within one of our partner clinics. 

    The Apricity way

    Our excellent success rates from donor eggs and commitment to patient care make us a great choice for supporting the surrogacy journey.

    • 1:1 Donation: unlike egg banks, where a set number of donor eggs can be purchased, we match Intended Parents with one donor. All of that donor’s eggs are given to the Intended Parents.

    • Matching in 6 weeks: currently, our average waiting time for an egg donor is 6 weeks (40 days). This is the time from whenIntended Parents would book our help to being matched to a generous donor. 

    • Direct altruistic donors: all of our donors are ‘direct donors’, meaning they are not undergoing fertility treatment themselves (as is often the case with egg sharing).

    • Extensive donor information: from physical attributes to information on background, children and words written by the donor. We include a photograph of her as a baby or small child when possible, and look for a donor we think Intended Parents would really like.

    • Cost-effective: although there are no guarantees in fertility treatments, the average number of eggs collected from donors is 16.

    • Opportunity for genetically-related siblings: because all of a donor’s eggs go to the Intended Parents, there is a strong chance that they can try for genetically-related siblings.

    • Virtual clinic model: available to help cut down on unnecessary travel for the Intended Parents and their donor.

    • 7/7 Fertility advisors: when the Intended Parents or the donor moves into fertility treatment, so they're never in the dark.

    • App: offering Intended Parents and their donor instant access to a dedicated medical team.

    Want to find out more? Watch our pre-recorded webinar

    Learn more with Apricity’s Chief Medical Officer and Mike from My Surrogacy Journey at our pre-recorded webinar on TwoDadsUK's Instagram account.

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