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The cost of freezing your eggs

Egg freezing is a means of preserving your fertility to give you the chance to become a parent in the future. But how much does it cost to freeze your eggs? In this article, we discuss the financial considerations of the process.

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There are many considerations when it comes to egg freezing. At what age should you freeze your eggs is a concern for many, as is choosing the right clinic to undergo the process. However, the upfront and recurring costs of egg freezing are substantial factors in the decision too. 

In this article, we offer a transparent discussion about how much egg freezing costs so that you can take control of your fertility and make a fully informed decision.

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What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is a medical procedure in which your eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen, and stored for future use.

The process involves stimulating the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, which are then retrieved, frozen, and stored until you are ready to use them. When you decide to conceive, the frozen eggs can be thawed, fertilised with sperm in vitro, and the resulting embryos can be implanted in the uterus.

Egg freezing gives you the option to extend your reproductive timeline and increase the likelihood of becoming a parent later in life. In the UK, eggs can be stored for up to 55 years, but you are required to renew your consent every 10 years.

Why do people freeze their eggs?

There are many reasons as to why people freeze their eggs. It’s a very personal decision which will vary between individuals. However, some of the reasons that people choose to freeze their eggs include: 

Elective egg freezing

You may choose to freeze your eggs for non-medical reasons. This is often referred to as elective egg freezing or social egg freezing. This is common among women who want to delay trying for children for reasons including:

  • Their career aspirations

  • Still being in education

  • Being in the Armed Forces

  • It simply not being the right time in their life

  • Not having a partner

  • Having a partner who is not yet ready for children

  • They are unsure if they want children

Gender affirming treatment

Egg freezing for trans and non-binary people preserves the option for biological parenthood in the future. This is because gender-affirming treatments, such as hormone therapies or gender confirmation surgeries can permanently affect your fertility.

Medical treatment

Medical conditions or treatments like chemotherapy can adversely affect fertility. If you’re facing cancer treatments, for instance, you may opt to freeze your eggs before undergoing therapies that could compromise your ovarian function. This allows you to preserve the possibility of having biological children after treatment and once in remission.

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How much does egg freezing cost?

According to the HFEA, the average cost of having your eggs collected and frozen is £3,350. This figure, however, excludes the medication that is necessary for each freezing cycle, which can add a further £500 to £1,500. In addition, there are also annual storage costs for your frozen eggs. These costs can range from £125 to £350 per year, depending on the clinic.

Then there’s the cost involved in actually using your eggs at a later date. Thawing eggs and transferring them to the womb costs an average of £2,500. In total, the whole process of egg freezing and thawing costs approximately £7,000-£8,000.

Can I freeze my eggs on the NHS?

Access to NHS-funded fertility treatment varies depending on where you live in the UK and is determined by each local Clinical Commissioning Group and/or Integrated Care System (ICS). However, egg freezing is not usually available on the NHS unless you are having medical treatment which could affect your fertility, such as chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

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All-inclusive egg freezing with Apricity

At Apricity, we understand how important it is to feel in control of your own reproductive health. That includes understanding your options and their prices. That’s why our approach is different.

We offer egg freezing with an all-inclusive pricing system with no hidden extras. For one egg freezing cycle, consisting of one episode of ovarian stimulation followed by egg collection and the cryopreservation of resultant eggs, our package includes

  • Treatment

  • Monitoring scans

  • Consultations

  • Medications

  • 7/7 Advisor support

  • Access to our fertility app

Should you want or need multiple egg freezing cycles, we have all-inclusive multicycle packages that offer significant savings compared to pay-as-you-go treatment. For all packages, you can pay in full should you wish, but we also give you the option to set up a payment plan so that you can manage your finances in the way that suits you best.  

But it’s not just our transparent pricing that sets us apart from other clinics. We know that undergoing fertility preservation treatment can take a physical and emotional toll which is why our treatment model includes as much at-home care as possible. Consultations take place virtually so that you can speak with our specialists from the comfort of your own home. And we even arrange delivery of clinical-grade blood tests to your door so that you can do them in total privacy.

We also pride ourselves on supporting the many different paths to parenthood which is why we offer inclusive fertility care for everyone. Egg freezing and sperm freezing treatment is available for those preparing for or undergoing transition with your care tailored to your unique journey.

For more information, or to discuss your interest in egg freezing with Apricity, book a consultation with an advisor today.

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