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Do you get paid for egg donation in the UK?

Are egg donors paid in the UK? Learn about the legalities and compensation available in the UK for egg donation in this guide.

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    In the UK, it is illegal to be paid for donating your eggs. However, the question 'do you get paid for egg donation?' is often asked with some uncertainty by the kind women who enquire with us about getting started. This might be because while you cannot be paid to donate your eggs, you are legally entitled to compensation for undertaking the process of egg donation.

    Although the main motivation for egg donation is not financial compensation, it cannot be ignored that the egg donation process takes time and energy and can impact practical matters in your day-to-day life.

    In this article, we aim to clarify payment for egg donation in the UK by explaining the legalities, the amount of compensation available, and why it is paid to egg donors.

    Can I sell my eggs in the UK?

    In the UK, it is illegal for a woman to sell her eggs for any price or for her eggs to be purchased. This differs from other countries, such as the United States of America, where egg donors can set a fee upwards of $5,000 and those who have certain qualities or previously successful cycles can command a higher price.

    There are clear moral reasons why it is not appropriate to pay for women in the UK to start the egg donation process or sell their eggs. The decision to selflessly donate your eggs so another woman can achieve one of life’s biggest milestones should be motivated by the will to do good and help others, and it isn’t a way of getting rich. That being said, egg donors in the UK do receive compensation for each egg donation cycle.

    What’s the difference between selling my eggs and compensation for egg donation?

    In many countries, including the United Kingdom, the terminology used is typically ‘egg donation’ rather than ‘selling eggs’ and the money received is described as ‘compensation’ rather than ‘payment’. This is because the ethical and legal framework surrounding egg donation in the UK emphasises the altruistic nature of the act, and the desire to help others rather than profiting from the process.

    How much compensation am I entitled to?

    Regulations set out by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) state that the maximum amount that an egg donor can be compensated in the UK is £750 per cycle, with a donation cycle being one complete round of treatment, at the end of which the eggs are collected and donated.

    What is egg donation compensation for?

    Egg donation compensation ensures that an egg donor does not end up out-of-pocket for their generous act. The £750 compensation covers essential expenses such as the cost of travel, as well as your loss of earnings, accommodation fees and childcare. It’s also a way of not only saying thank you but showing gratitude for your time, effort, and generosity.

    HFEA guidelines do state that you can claim more if your donation-related expenses are higher than £750. They also stipulate that if you're an egg donor who is not a permanent resident of the UK, you may be compensated in the same way as a UK donor, but you will not be able to claim for overseas travel expenses.


    Why do women donate their eggs?

    Egg donation in the UK is currently done on a purely voluntary and altruistic basis. Women are the societal group that can be proud egg donors, and women are also more likely to be driven by empathy in making decisions. Many women choose to become altruistic egg donors because they have a real and genuine desire to make a positive impact and change someone’s life through egg donation. The decision to become an egg donor is complex and emotional, like so many huge moments in life but it is one of the most selfless and life-changing acts of kindness you could bestow upon a fellow human being.

    As one of our egg donors, Leanne says:

    "There are no words to describe the true sense of achievement and happiness that I felt after my donation. To be able to give a couple the most amazing gift of a child and play a part in such a special process was worth every minute of my time. I truly wish the best for my recipient couple and hope that their pregnancy is a smooth and successful one, bringing a child that answers all of their prayers."

    We believe it is very important for all our egg donors to have made up their minds completely before they begin the egg donation process to ensure everybody gets the outcome they desire and deserve. If you are considering becoming an egg donor, you can contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have or you can register your interest in donating eggs

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