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Counselling for donors during egg donation

Counselling plays an important part in helping you to think about the questions you have before you take the selfless step to donate your eggs.

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Becoming an egg donor is a big decision. But through counselling, you can better understand the process and have a safe, supported space to ask questions and process your feelings.

Before you embark on the egg donation process, a counsellor will help you to fully understand the incredible impact your generosity will have on others, but also answer any concerns you may have about your own fertility and treatment.

Sessions are available in-person or from the comfort of your home as a part of Apricity’s virtual fertility care. Here’s what to expect.

Counselling for egg donation

There are many reasons why someone might make the altruistic decision to become an egg donor and these are likely to be talked about during your session. However, counselling for egg donation has a range of other purposes too:

Informed decision-making

Counselling provides potential egg donors with detailed information about the entire egg donation process, including medical procedures, the egg donor matching process, potential risks of egg donation, and emotional aspects. It ensures that donors fully understand what to expect before, during, and after the donation process, allowing them to make a fully educated choice.

Emotional preparation

Egg donation can be emotional for some individuals. Counselling helps donors explore and understand their emotions, expectations, and potential challenges associated with the process.

It provides a safe space for you to discuss any concerns, fears, or anxieties you may have as well as any coping strategies that can be helpful in day to day life.

Ethical considerations

Egg donation involves complex ethical considerations. Counselling sessions allow you to explore and discuss ethical issues such as the potential relationships with resulting children, the use of genetic material, and any future implications of your decision such as any biological children potentially having half-siblings.

Legal understanding

It’s important that you understand the legal and contractual aspects of egg donation as a donor. This includes understanding your rights and responsibilities, including that you can withdraw consent up until any embryos are transferred to the womb, as well as the rights of the intended parents. Counselling will also ensure that you understand the rights of donor-conceived children to request information about their donor.

Support system

Counselling helps donors identify their support systems, whether it's family, friends, or professionals, and encourages them to seek support when needed.

Impact on future reproductive choices

As an egg donor, you’ll need to consider how egg donation could potentially impact your own future reproductive choices. Counselling for egg donation allows you to explore these considerations and make decisions that align with your personal goals.

If you’re considering becoming an egg donor or want to know more about how the process works, our team of advisors are here to help. As experts in egg donation, Apricity provides exceptional care including implications counselling and access to support networks such as Paths to Parenthub. Get in touch to find out more today.

Written by Apricity Team

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