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Apricity partners with employee engagement company Reward Gateway

Enables employers to respond to growing demand for more accessible and personalized fertility treatment services

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Enables employers to respond to growing demand for more accessible and personalized fertility treatment services

(July 26, 2022) – Reward Gateway, a leading global employee engagement company, has partnered with fertility treatment provider Apricity to offer tailored fertility journeys that match an employee’s specific needs, preferences and location. Employees will be able to seamlessly access the Apricity client portal through their Reward Gateway platform have access to educational programs, freely explore their own options with senior fertility nurses, and develop tailored treatments if they wish with a unique Apricity way “less stress and more success.” 

The addition of Apricity to Reward Gateway’s suite of employee benefits coincides with data from the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology (ESHRE) that reports 1 in 6 couples in the UK are affected by fertility issues. Employers are recognising that dealing with infertility can create massive employee stress, gaps in productivity, absenteeism, and even resignations. This is reflected in research that reveals how much employees value fertility support from their employers, including:

  • 30% of women say they would change jobs (or encourage partner) to access better fertility benefits coverage1

  • 68% of millennials are willing to change jobs to ensure they have fertility coverage as a benefit2

  • 61% of employees who received the coverage said they felt more loyal and committed to their employer3

Rob Boland, COO at Reward Gateway, comments:

“Going through a fertility journey can be stressful and overwhelming and often negatively impacts personal wellbeing. That’s why we’re very proud to partner with Apricity, which makes fertility benefits accessible and inclusive, and as stress free as possible. It’s an important example of the innovative and inclusive benefits we know employees are looking for in today’s employer market.”

Caroline Noublanche, CEO at Apricity, comments:

“We are delighted to partner with Reward Gateway to make our unique model of fertility treatment available to numerous companies across the UK. This gives employees easy access through Reward Gateway’s platform to a convenient, modern and highly effective fertility treatment operated by Apricity virtual fertility clinic. Fertility diagnostics and treatments can either be embedded in their private medical insurance, provided as a flexi-benefit or self-funded, depending on their company’s choice. This partnership enables employers to empower their employees with supportive family-building solutions and next-generation fertility care.”

About Apricity

Apricity was created 3 years ago, with the aim of leveraging technology to outperform traditional clinics, and to deliver both better success rates and a smoother patient experience: less stress, more success. Apricity is the only fertility clinic in the UK which truly transforms the fertility experience, resulting in both a better patient/employee experience, and a greater success rate (46% per cycle vs 31% average in the UK). Therefore, the business life is far less impacted and the time to conceive significantly reduced. This is a result of a few key differentiators:

  1. Patient-centric journey with at-home consultations, testing and scans, with just 2 clinic visits per cycle vs 10 average with a traditional journey, (less stress)

  2. The support of an advisor 7/7, with extended hours, who plans the journey, and emotionally support employees, (less stress)

  3. An app which provides permanent guidance and ensures full protocol adherence, (more success)

  4. AI tools which help provide information and transparency; including The Fertility Predictor & identifying KSFs in the medical protocol (more success).
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About Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway helps companies engage, motivate and retain people - every day, all over the world. Partnering with 2,500 companies in 23 countries, we empower more than five million employees to connect, appreciate and support one another to make the world a better place to work. Our unified employee engagement hub provides the best of recognition, reward, wellbeing, surveys, benefits and discounts that support talent acquisition, retention and values-driven growth. Clients include American Express, Accenture, Samsung, IBM, McDonald's and more. Learn more at

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Written by Apricity Team

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