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Apricity app: stay on top of your fertility journey

At Apricity, we know managing your fertility treatment can be overwhelming, and we hold your fertility journey to a higher standard. That's why we provide special services to our clients that create a deeply meaningful experience.

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    Our app is a straightforward way to stay one step ahead. It allows you to:

    • Receive support or information from your fertility advisor, 

    • View upcoming medication or appointments, 

    • Schedule medication reminders, 

    • Find curated guidance articles about your journey, so you can proceed with confidence.

    Track progress and stay one step ahead

    The rainbow feature helps you visualise progress at a glance, and prompts you with the information you need to prepare for your next milestone. 

    Visualise your medical plan

    Your diary helps you plan ahead by displaying upcoming events. Tick off medication as you take it, and stay prepared for virtual or clinic appointments with curated information. 

    Chat with your fertility advisors during extended hours

    A helping hand can go a long way during fertility treatment. Whenever in doubt, know that our fertility advisors are there for you during extended hours. You can reach out through our chat. 

    Read useful guidance in one easy place

    Doctor Google can be misleading. Explore medically approved guidance about your treatment in your app. You can also watch videos and listen to relaxation sounds, to support you on those days where you’re looking for a little centre.

    Written by Apricity Team

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