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Groundbreaking research in fertility

Pushing the boundaries in advancing reproductive science.

Laying the foundation for tomorrow's fertility treatments

We are pioneering the future of fertility care through cutting-edge research initiatives. Our world-class research team is committed to uncovering new possibilities that will continue to improve chances of success.

How we use Artificial Intelligence

With our ground-breaking use of artificial intelligence and research science, we understand what truly influences fertility and can maximise your chances of conception.

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    Big Data Insights
    Harnessing the power of AI to analyse vast datasets, extracting invaluable insights and prognostics to enable our clinicians to make well-informed decisions.
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    Personalising treatment
    Our team is at the forefront of trialling AI-driven technologies to create personalised plans, ensuring patient's journeys are as individual as they are.
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    Embryo selection
    Our team is at the forefront of trialling AI-driven technologies, developing novel 3D timelapse technologies to understand how structure and communication impacts the viability of early embyros.

Apricity Research Team

Our world-leading research team of data scientists, data engineers and clinicians work collaboratively to develop new tools to improve and enhance fertility success. Each year we welcome MSc students to embark on their own research projects, nurturing a new generation of trailblazers in fertility.

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    Jerome Chambost
    Chief Technology Officer
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    Celine Jacques
    Research Team Lead
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    Chloe He
    PhD Candidate & Data Scientist
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    Timothy Ferrand
    Data Scientist
  • UspBlockAltImage
    Luis Sancho
    Data Scientist
  • UspBlockAltImage
    Chris-Alexandre Pena
    Data Engineer

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